See How Lifetyme Exteriors Can Protect YOUR Home From Winter Weather in New England

19 02 2015

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It is no secret that this winter has been one of the most, if not THE most difficult season on record throughout New England. Between the multiple feet of snow, ice & ice dams, and freezing cold temperatures, it is enough to take a serious toll on the exterior of your home. As your house is most likely your largest investment, protect its exterior with Lifetyme Exteriors’ Smart Color System.

These pictured houses are just a few of the THOUSANDS of projects completed by Lifetyme Exteriors over the past 12 years throughout eastern New England. These homeowners will never have to paint again.

Even though there is snow on the ground, this is the best time to take advantage or seasonal savings as Lifetyme Exteriors is booking jobs NOW for the spring (when the snow finally does melt). Take advantage of the best pricing of the year by calling us at 888-872-3733 or 781-400-2359. You can also email Rick at to request your free estimate.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lifetyme Exteriors Featured Project – Manchester, NH Victorian

16 01 2015

Over the course of the 2014 production season, Lifetyme Exteriors applied their Smart Color system to hundreds of homes throughout eastern New England, and periodically on this blog we will be spotlighting some of the more notable projects. This particular house speaks for itself – it is a 4 colored, historic Victorian home located in Manchester, NH. This couple took their time and did homework over the course of 3 years to make a decision to move forward with Lifetyme Exteriors. They considered traditional paint and other competitors in the permanent coating industry, and decided Lifetyme Exteriors was the way to go. One determining factor in their decision was the fact that a neighbor in a similarly grand home chose Lifetyme, and was thrilled with the results. Here are some photos from before, during and after the Smart Color installation. As you will see, the preparation work was extremely important during this process, and the end result looks amazing!Ingham before (1) Ingham before (2) Ingham before (3) Ingham before (4) Ingham before (5) Ingham before (9) Ingham before (10) Ingham during Ingham during 1 Ingham during 2 Ingham during 3 Ingham during 4 Ingham during 5 Ingham during 6 Ingham during 7 Ingham during 8 Ingham after Ingham after 1 Ingham after 2 Ingham after 3 Ingham after 4 Ingham after 5

12 Years in Business for Lifetyme Exteriros – The Original New England Coating Company

8 01 2015

Grafton Congregational Church after (4) Congregational Church afters (3) 20140709_1048431 Grafton Congregational Church after (5)It has been a while since Lifetyme has posted on this blog, but that is going to change as we enter 2015. Although it is freezing cold now, the exterior painting season will be upon us soon – and be sure to make the right choice when that happens. Lifetyme Exteriors is New England’s original permanent coating company, with a longer track record than any competitor, more customers than any competitor, and a product designed for New England weather.

Our website is undergoing a major overhaul soon, so stay tuned for updates and additional information that will make your decision to choose Lifetyme Exteriors even easier than it already is.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to request a FREE ESTIMATE by emailing or calling us at 781-400-2359 or 888-872-3733. Even with snow on the ground and a chill in the air, this is a great time to receive a quote. We are offering winter specials for those who want to pre-book for the spring installation season.

We look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime here are a few photos of our project at the Congregational Church of Grafton, MA from this past season.

Recent Testimonial From Someone Who Chose Lifetyme Exteriors Over Rhino Shield

28 08 2012

ImageSee the following unsolicited testimonial from a Lifetyme Exteriors customer, whose job was just completed this summer. Being an educated consumer, this person considered all possibilities and went with Lifetyme Exteriors. As you can see, he is glad that he made that choice!

Contact us at 888-USA-FREE to set up your free estimate today!

Hello Rick,

Dado and his crew are packing up now and the house looks fabulous. We love the contrast between the darker grey and the bright white. I spoke with a carpenter who will be fixing the back window, but it will likely not be done for several weeks. I will contact you when his work is complete which I expect to be in early September.

I would like to provide you with some feedback on the process. The quoted prices for your product and RhinoShield were within $1000 of each other and the products themselves seem similar enough that either could be chosen. The reason we chose your company was your thoroughness with the quote you gave us. The RhinoShield representative was either unwilling or unable to give us the detailed information that you provided after walking around the house.

With the thorough nature of your quote and explanation, we expected that your work crew would be equally meticulous. In this, we were not disappointed. Dado and his crew did an excellent job applying your product to our house. They were here when they said they would be, kept the work area clean, were respectful and diligent at all times and made our house look brand new again.

Thank you,

See These New Testimonials From Lifetyme Exteriors Customers

1 02 2012

ImageImageThe following are real testimonials from Lifetyme Exteriors customers, whose jobs were completed over the course of the 2011 work season. There will be more to follow on this site, and if you are interested in seeing dozens of additional testimonials from satisfied Lifetyme Exteriors consumers over the years, feel free to view that page on our website:

‘Lifetyme Exteriors did a fabulous job painting our house. The painters arrived on time, were polite courteous and efficient, and when the job was done clean up was perfect. Other than the house being a different color you would have never known they were there. I would highly recommend this company.’

‘I was very pleased with my experience with Lifetyme Exteriors this past Summer. They were very professional and did a great job. They also assured me that if anything goes wrong with their pattened paint (i.e. fading, chipping, etc.) their lifetime promise, which is transferrable, guaranteed they would come and repaint this troubled area for no additional charge.’

‘We had a very good experience with this company. Everyone was very professional and the work crew took pride in their work. We noticed a minor issue 2 months after the completion of the job, but the company was quick to respond and correct the problem in a reasonable timeframe. This was an investment but one I’m glad we made.’

‘The Lifetyme crew was very professional. They showed up early every day and was responsive to our needs. The job was finished in less time than estimated. The house looks great and expecting it too look the same many many years from now. I would recommend Lifetyme Exteriors to anyone.’

‘We had an initial problem with the color matching what we picked, the Company was very responsive in correcting the problem. Ovall, it was a positive experience and all the employees were polite and professional.’

Call us today at 888-USA-FREE for your free estimate, and our winter discounts!

Lifetyme Exteriors Featured in North Shore Magazine ‘Home & Garden Guide’

25 01 2012

See the below paragraph taken from the North Shore Magazine’s Home & Garden Guide. In it, Rick Dudley of Lifetyme Exteriors speaks about Smart Color and its ability to out-perform standard, over the counter paint products and improve the look of your home for years to come.

“One of the most redundant jobs taken on and/or paid for by most anyone who owns a home is painting and maintaining the exterior. But what if you didn’t have to paint your home ever again? Using an acrylic-based coating called SmartColor, Lifetyme Exteriors can give your home—brick, stucco, wood, vinyl or aluminum-sided—a just-painted look that lasts many times longer than a typical paint job and is guaranteed for as long as you own your home. “It keeps your house looking good all the time,” says Principal/Sales Manager Rick Dudley, “whereas with your average painting cycle of four or five years, a good portion of that time is spent with cracks, chips, peeling spots, exposed wood, and rotting areas in plain sight.””

See New ‘Before & After’ Photos on Lifetyme Exteriors Web Page

19 01 2012

Lifetyme Exteriors has recently updated its web page to include even more before and after photos of projects completed throughout the course of 2011 with its proprietary Smart Color exterior coating system. See the transformations these homes underwent, due to the careful workmanship of Lifetyme Exteriors’ detail oriented crews. Each home receives the utmost care, from the first steps of preparation, to the final Smart Color brush stroke that is applied to both siding and trim.

View the website at this address:

You can see for yourself the type of changes YOU can expect on YOUR home if you call Lifetyme Exteriors today. Reach us at 888-USA-FREE to schedule a free estimate and receive our WINTER DISCOUNT that is the deepest discount of the year.

Call Lifetyme Exteriors so you can never paint your house again!


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